Life Solutions Group offers education, advise and coaching for the owners and employees in selecting benefits to make the best choices possible. We provide “preferred” pricing and complimentary audits of existing plans to businesses to eliminate any “waste” in spending due to poor design.

Our employee benefits break down into three main components; health insurance, voluntary benefits and payroll services.

Health Insurance
At LSG, we focus on coaching employers and human resource professionals in a changing marketplace. It is our goal to educate them on critical topics as it relates to

  1. Partially Self-Funded Plans where you can get premiums back at the end of the year
  2. Planning without creating a “crisis” to make responsible changes at renewal
  3. Keeping your “compliant” with legal and regulatory changes and the ACA (Affordable Care Act)

Voluntary Benefits
Voluntary Benefits and Payroll Deduction options expand to cover Dental, Group Life, Disability and other employee benefit options. At LSG, we are well versed on coaching you and your employees on plan changes and offering an Independent “Carrier” review for group discounts when combining all lines of coverage.

Payroll Services
We offer complimentary audits of your current benefit programs to look for improving your “value” to attract and retain employees. Let us review your current payroll costs to provide you with…

  • Preferred pricing, offering flat fees instead of nickel and dimming each payroll. Eliminate “waste” and reduce spending on zero value features and invest in employee value based benefits.
  • Leverage payroll to provide you with a discount to offer new products and services.